You might take for granted that your contacts will fit well, because for most people, this is the case. With most contact prescriptions written for comfortable, flexible, daily disposable lenses, fewer and fewer patients complain of discomfort wearing contacts. Not everyone is easy to fit with contacts, though, and frequently the Golden Vision fitting specialists deal with situations in which a patient is hard to fit. This can be caused by a variety of factors:

Severe myopia (nearsightedness) causing the eye to be too long

• Severe hyperopia (farsightedness) causing the eye to be too short

• Irregular cornea due to high astigmatism

• A condition that causes severe dry eyes

• Small eye openings or eyelids

An eyeball with irregular dimensions can make it difficult to use standard contacts comfortably, if at all. If you fit into this group, you may be told by some eye care practices that you are simply not a candidate for contact lenses. At Golden Vision, we strive to ensure that you are given options, even when the dimensions of your eyes don’t allow standard contacts to be fit.

The California eye doctors at Golden Vision are experienced in fitting tough prescriptions and using custom or specialized contacts.

The GOLDEN VISION Difference

At Golden Vision, we’re one of the few teams in the state equipped with extensive experience in using specialized contacts for patients who are hard to fit with standard lenses. Although the reasons may be unique for each patient, our team can personalize our approach to your total eye care based on unique considerations of your vision and eye health. Our specialized contact lenses are even able to correct refractive vision issues at a level of severity that standard lenses cannot. For example, vision problems with a factor of-10 diopters can usually not be fit with standard lenses. The same applies to severe astigmatism.

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