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IQ Laser Vision: The #1 SMILE Laser Vision Center in the USA!

The California Eye Doctors at Golden Vision know how important eye health and vision are to you and that’s why we give you plenty of options to help achieve perfect eyesight. We understand that glasses or contact lenses aren’t for everyone but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer.

What options do you have? Well, we offer LASIK and SMILE co-management, meaning that while we don’t perform laser corrective surgeries, we make it easy for you to access high-quality LASIK and SMILE procedures. We handle everything from a preliminary screening, information about the procedure, and we’ll connect you with the best LASIK and SMILE surgeons, as well as recovery management and continuing eye care if needed.

Throughout the process, our doctors at Golden Vision are looking out for you, and they have a unique perspective. You’ve trusted us with your eyesight, and our team has an in-depth knowledge of your eye health and history. We verify that you’re a candidate for SMILE or LASIK and our partners at IQ Laser Vision will take great care of you.

IQ Laser Vision is the #1 SMILE Vision Correction Center in the USA and 100% dedicated to providing our patients with the very best experience possible.


SMILE and LASIK are precise laser corrective surgeries aimed at fixing refractive vision problems permanently. This means that you shouldn’t need to wear glasses or contacts anymore after LASIK/SMILE .

This can be a very attractive option for patients looking to live more freely. Golden Vision and IQ Laser Vision take pride in making eye care as easy and convenient as possible for our patients.

SMILE is the latest high-tech treatment in vision correction surgery. The process is designed to be an extremely comfortable experience for you – that is why is it super fast with surgery taking just 30 seconds to complete.

So, how does it work? Your highly-trained doctor uses a highly-focused laser, guided by a computer, to reshape your cornea and correct your vision. This is an appealing treatment because it is one of the least invasive corrective surgery methods and the recovery time is so short, with many people able to apply make-up and feeling great within 24 hours.

SMILE provides LASIK-like treatment in a much more comfortable experience – and that is why more than two million people have already chosen this treatment method.

I highly recommend Golden Vision, my family comes here whenever we need a pair of glasses or eyes exam. Great
service and great people.


You will notice huge improvements and near perfect vision almost instantly after your successful LASIK or SMILE procedures, which means no more glasses or contact lenses for the foreseeable future.

With this in mind, it can be difficult to ensure whether LASIK or SMILE is the right call, but by chatting with our team of professionals and the doctors at partner clinic IQ Laser Vision we will determine the best treatment method for your situation, taking in a range of factors before deciding.

There are clear-cut advantages to LASIK and SMILE but, fear not, through our partnership with IQ Laser Vision, we are your guides to making the process as comfortable and convenient for you as possible.


I’ve been visiting the San Diego office for many years because of the great services that all the friendly staff provide. Fanny was extremely helpful throughout my last visit. Highly recommended!

Jiaying Hou, Rowland Heights