Nightwear Ortho-K Lens 

Golden Vision Myopia control clinics’ Gold NW Ortho-K lenses are custom designed nightwear lenses that are made according to one’s corneal shape. A special diagnostic technology called a corneal topographer is utilized to “map” out the exact shape of the front part of the eye called the cornea. Using the data from the mapping of the cornea, the Gold NW Ortho-K lenses will be made to a person’s personal prescription, and also in accordance with the shape of the cornea. By wearing these lenses overnight every night, a patient under treatment will not require any vision correction during all waking hours. These lenses change the refractive surface of the cornea in such a way that the resulting image onto the retina (analogous to the photo plate of a camera) gives you the sharp vision that you want, and more importantly, also slows down or stops the increase in the degree of myopia.

Our Gold NW Ortho-K lenses outperform other commercially available Ortho-K lenses in therapeutic value. The Gold lenses can correct a high degree of myopia exceeding -10.00 D and a moderate to high amount of astigmatism of up to 4.00 D compared to the commercially available CRT Ortho-K lenses that can only correct up to no higher than -6.00 D of myopia and a very minimal amount of astigmatism of 1.75D. The sophisticated 6-curve design of the Gold NW Ortho-K lenses enable many of our patients to have near perfect vision throughout the day with just a few hours of wearing the lenses overnight. Most other Ortho-K lenses require a full 8 hours of sleep time with the lenses in order to produce crisp vision throughout the day. Usually after just one night of wearing the Gold lenses for a few hours, a moderate prescription myopic patient will see close to 20/20 the next day.


The preventive benefit of Gold NW OK lens in terms of myopia control also surpasses other Ortho-K designs. Based on data collected in our clinics, our lenses slow down myopia progression by an average of 75%, whereas other lenses (CRT) provide on average control of about 50%. The Gold NW OK lenses are most suitable for Chinese children who are genetically more prone to high myopia and environmentally more vulnerable due the high demands from school work. Gold NW OK lenses are highly oxygen permeable and are extremely comfortable to wear. They require very minimal time to adapt to, and are safe and effective. At our various clinics, more than 5,000 myopic children are now using these lenses to prevent and treat myopia

Ortho-K Lens and Children

In many children, myopia can progress to be more and more severe until the age that their growth and development stops. Severe myopia is not only difficult to manage, it can lead to ongoing vision problems and eye diseases in the future. This is why Golden Vision uses Ortho-K to slow or even stop the progression of myopia in children, a practice we call myopia control.

Studies show that wearing Ortho-K lenses nightly as directed can slow down the progression of myopia by an average of 50% to 60%. Because Ortho-K lenses can be made custom at Golden Vision, we’re able to get that figure as high as 80% to 90% on average. When combined with other myopia control strategies, Golden Vision provides a comprehensive approach to reducing and even eliminating the progression of myopia.

The Golden Vision Approach to Ortho-K

Golden Vision Industry Standards:


The current industry standard lens to treat refractive vision issues as part of the Ortho-K system is Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT). This lens, sold at Golden Vision, is FDA-approved to correct refractive issues in patients with lower prescriptions for nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. We also design and produce custom Ortho-K lenses for patients with higher prescriptions and severe astigmatism.

Golden Vision Custom Design Gold Lenses:


Custom Design Lenses | Gold Lenses for Ortho-K

Golden Vision is the only eye care facility offering custom, proprietary Gold Lenses for Ortho-K. We use the latest fitting technology to make custom lenses to fit the unique shape and curvature of a patient’s eye, and Gold Lenses are approved for up to 16 hours of overnight use.

To compare, most commercial lenses require 8 hours of overnight use for 2-3 days for the best results. With our custom Ortho-K lenses, patients only need to wear them for a minimum of 3 hours to see clearly throughout the day. This offers a flexibility that showcases our continued commitment to convenience in everything we offer our patients.

Golden Vision Custom Fitting and Materials:


Our custom Golden Lenses are made from a gas permeable material that allows airflow and moisture to prevent dryness and discomfort. We also offer custom soft lenses for patients who don’t feel comfortable inserting the hard variety.

We use cutting-edge corneal topography and OCT scanning technology to get the most precise measurements possible before custom producing your Ortho-K contacts. This allows our system to be more effective than many others on the market.

Dr. Leung’s Expertise on Ortho-K:


Dr. Leung graduated from New England College of Optometry in Boston in 1984 and is a member of the American Academy of Orthokeratology and Myopia Control. His credentials include obtaining a fellowship with the Academy by passing the widely respected fellowship exam. The exam is rigorous and requires extensive experience and knowledge of Ortho-K. Dr. Leung is one of less than 100 US doctors to successfully complete the exam.

Dr. Leung has lectured worldwide on Ortho-K and myopia control since 1998 and was featured in a round table Ortho-K study in 1999. His most recent lecture was in Armenia, Columbia in 2016 at the World Congress of Optometry. Dr. Leung remains active in teaching ortho-k through the Academy and is frequently invited to lecture on the subject.

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Ortho-K Lens Care

Because they aren’t daily disposables like most standard contact lenses being prescribed today, Ortho-K contact lenses require daily cleaning and care. At Golden Vision, we provide you with a hydrogen peroxide system that makes it convenient to thoroughly clean your lenses daily. If you develop an illness or infection of the eye, don’t wear your Ortho-K lenses until the symptoms have cleared up. Make sure your lenses are cleaned regularly when you aren’t wearing them.

Certain vision plans cover some or all the costs of Ortho-K and myopia control. Coverage specialists at Golden Vision can work with you to make sure you’re clear on the services covered by your policy at each of our convenient locations across California. To learn more, check out the insurance options that are accepted at the office closest to you
Insurance For Ortho-K and Myopia Control

Golden Vision Ortho-K Patient

“Through Thick & Thin…My Ortho-K night contacts have been with me for 6 years, and I don’t regret joining this program. Playing basketball w/o glasses is a dream come true.”

— A.L.

Golden Vision Ortho-K Patient

“I’ve been wearing Ortho-K for almost 5 years. They really help me because they’re night contacts, so during the day, I can see crystal clear! Glasses were such a burden for me, but I can see clear now. Playing sports, drawing, reading, watching, and more have become way easier for me w/out glasses. Having Ortho-k has made a huge impact on my life and if you have vision problems, get Ortho-K too!”

— J.W.

Golden Vision Ortho-K Patient

“I wear contacts at night time. Before I wore contacts I often had trouble seeing what the teacher wrote on the board cause everything was blurry including people! When I came here to the eye doctor I was nervous cause I thought this would just like getting a shot, but it wasn’t!!! Now in the 6th grade I see a lot better. Thanks to all these eye doctors' help and the contacts' help. I really appreciate it.”

— J.D.