Orthokeratology is a non-surgical procedure to correct vision and control the progression of myopia. Your eye doctor provides you a special contact lens that reshapes your cornea overnight to correct common vision problems, such as myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. Ortho-k lenses must be worn every night for the best results and is an ongoing treatment.

Ortho-K is primarily for children with myopia. These specialty lenses provide myopia control and ensure children have clear vision during the day without the aid of glasses or contacts.

Adults who want clear vision during the day can use ortho-k as an alternative to glasses and contacts or LASIK.


Ortho-K Control Myopia in Children

Myopia, or near-sightedness, refers to when the eyeball lengthens beyond normal size, and you need eyeglasses or contacts to correct your vision. Myopia control is about slowing or stopping the progression of myopia in children to prevent increasingly high prescriptions and eye diseases later in life. Several studies worldwide have shown that by wearing nightwear ortho-k lenses to change the shape of the cornea, children slow down the lengthening of the eyeball by 50-60%. Dr. Leung has a special Golden Vision custom design lens that is more effective than the industry standard and can slow down the rate of myopia by 80-90%.

Ortho-K Control Myopia in Children


Eye Care Consultation

If one parent is myopic, then there is a 25% their children will be. If both parents are myopic, then there is a 45% chance their children are. We encourage kids to come in for a yearly exam to check whether their prescription is increasing because of myopia. If they are myopic, we will put together a full myopia control program that can include ortho-k to ensure the best results. To learn more about these myopia control programs, click here.


For optometrists, one of the most popular ortho-k lenses is called CRT or Corneal Refractive Therapy. This is an FDA approved system and device used by a majority of doctors today. CRT lenses can be used to correct prescriptions by looking at the curvature, the prescription, and the size of the eye. The limitation with CRT lenses is that they cannot correct a moderate amount of astigmatism and the prescription cannot be higher than a -6. Golden Vision offers CRT lenses as well as our own custom designed lenses, so we can treat those with prescriptions higher than -6.


Golden Vision uses our exclusive Gold Design lenses, which are custom made by Dr. Leung. Our custom Gold Design allows for specific eye sizes and shapes, so that the lenses are specifically designed for your unique eyes. We have no limit on how high the prescription can be, and the lenses can handle high astigmatism.

While other lenses require a few days and 8 hours of wear per night to provide you with clear vision, our lenses only take one night and 4 hours of wear to give you the clear 20/20 vision you need. For a low prescription, 30 minutes to an hour or two of wear is enough to see results.

The Gold Design lenses are comfortable, breathable, and safe, and approved for overnight usage for up to 16 hours. The amazing results come from Dr. Leung’s extensive experience treating over 3,000 cases of myopia with ortho-k.


Dr. Leung’s Ortho-K

Dr. Leung graduated from New England College of Optometry in Boston in 1984 and is a member of the American Academy of Orthokeratology and Myopia Control. His credentials include obtaining a fellowship with the Academy by passing the widely respected fellowship exam. The exam is rigorous and requires extensive experience and knowledge of ortho-k. Dr. Leung is one of less than 100 US doctors to successfully complete the exam.

Dr. Leung has lectured worldwide on ortho-k and myopia control since 1998 and was featured in a round table ortho-k study in 1999. His most recent lecture was in Armenia, Columbia in 2016 at the World Congress of Optometry. Dr. Leung remains active in teaching ortho-k through the Academy and is frequently invited to lecture on the subject.

Dr. Leung’s Ortho-K


Custom Ortho-K Lens Fitting and Materials

At Golden Vision we use hard, high oxygen permeable lenses that are more breathable than normal lenses, so the eyes do not become dry with overnight use. For people who cannot adapt to the hard ortho-k lenses, we also provide custom dual-focused soft lenses.

To create the lenses, we use a corneal topographer and OCT scan to map your unique corneal shape. Dr. Leung then creates a custom lens that aligns to your specific eye shape for the most effective vision correction.

After the lenses are made, we then schedule an appointment to fit the lenses to you. Dr. Leung uses microscopy and his years of experience in ortho-k to create the perfect fit. He fine-tunes the alignment of the lens, so it is as comfortable and effective as possible for his patients.


Taking Care of Ortho-K Lenses

To take proper care of your ortho-k lenses, we give you a hydrogen peroxide system that kills any germs threatening the eyes. Ensuring this proper care of lenses reduces the risk of bacterial infection. If patients do get an eye infection or illness that prevents them from wearing their lenses, they may need glasses or contacts in the morning to see, since ortho-k relies on continuous overnight wear. Once the infection or illness has cleared, you can go back to wearing the lenses at night, and your vision will be corrected once again in the morning.

We recommend changing the lenses every year to ensure cleanliness as well as a custom fit for your changing eyes.

Taking Care of Ortho-K Lenses


Insurance coverage of ortho-k varies among individual plans from full to partial coverage. Our experts can walk you through your individual plan and benefits. Golden Vision also offers convenient financing options for costs not covered by your plan. To learn more about insurance coverage and financing options, check out our insurance and payments page.

Do not risk waiting. Each day, your child’s prescription gets higher, their risk of eye diseases like retinal detachment increases, and they spend another day dealing with the inconvenience of glasses or contact lenses. There is a better way, with ortho-k. With ortho-k, your kids will be able to fully enjoy their days, to be active and play sports without glasses or contacts holding them back, AND their future eyesight will be protected.

Don’t let their prescription get even a quarter point higher. Protect your children with a FREE consultation now!


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