Hard-to-Fit Contact Lenses

Everyone’s eyes are different. For some people, standard contact lenses simply don’t fit well on their eyes. This fitting challenge can be caused by a variety of factors:

  • High degree of myopia which causes the eye to be too long
  • High degree of hyperopia which causes the eye to be too short
  • Irregular cornea and high astigmatism
  • Extremely dry eyes
  • Small eye openings or small eyelids

All of these factors can make the eyeball too irregular to allow for a standard size contact lens fit. However, having eyes that are hard-to-fit with contact lenses doesn’t mean you can’t wear contact lenses. It just means you need to see an eye doctor who is experienced in fitting tough prescriptions. At Golden Vision, our optometrists specialize in hard-to-fit contact lenses, with over twenty years of experience.


The Golden Vision Difference

At Golden Vision, we have a team of doctors who have extensive experience fitting patients with specialized contact lenses.  We utilize the knowledge of the entire team to ensure you receive the best fit possible for your individual eyes.  Our high level of experience allows us to correct prescriptions as high as -10 diopters as well as a high level of astigmatism.  We are the preferred referral partner of local practices who don’t have the experience or technology to handle high prescriptions and challenging cases.

At Golden Vision, we are not content with adequate.  We fit you with excellence to provide you the clear vision you need. Our knowledgeable team will find you the specialized contact lenses that work for your unique eyes.

If you have any questions about hard-to-fit contact lenses, call our Rowland Heights: 626-965-8698. or San Gabriel office: 626-288-8023.


Golden Vision’s specialized contact lenses are made to correct unusual vision problems by using different shapes or materials than traditional contact lenses. Explore some of the more common specialized contact lenses we can provide below.

Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes
Fitting contact lenses for patients with dry eyes is simpler now due to new materials. We can fit you with gas permeable contact lenses, which are smaller than soft contact lenses and don’t absorb moisture from the eyes. We also offer contact lenses made of new soft materials that improve moisture retention in the eye.

Contact lenses for Astigmatism
With astigmatism, the eye is flattened into an oval or football shape. This means you’ll need different prescriptions in different parts of your contact lenses. Custom toric lenses are designed so that the lens always reorients itself right side up.  This way, your contact lenses adjust to fit your eye, and you can always see clearly.

Contact Lenses for Keratoconus
If the cornea in front of your eye thins, the eye can bulge outward in an exaggerated curve. Contact lenses for keratoconus can come in many forms: rigid gas permeable lenses, piggybacking contact lenses (where a soft contact lens is worn under the gas permeable lens for comfort), or even scleral lenses that rest on the white of the eye and avoid the sensitive cornea entirely.

Post-LASIK Surgery Contact Lenses
It might seem odd to need vision correction after LASIK surgery, but LASIK is not always 100 percent effective. If you had a strong case of astigmatism, you might still need toric contact lenses after LASIK surgery to have 20/20 vision. Specialized contact lenses can also help minimize glare problems in the evenings and vision problems due to monovision surgery.

Bifocal Contact Lenses
As adults get older, they often develop presbyopia, or the inability to see clearly up close. Mid-range vision may also become a problem, especially for patients who work on a computer and stare at a monitor all day long. We offer bifocal and multifocal contact lenses for these patients.  These lenses allow patients to have different prescriptions in the same contact lenses, so they can always see clearly.


First Step: Visiting Our Rowland Heights & San Gabriel Office Optometrists

If you want to wear contact lenses but are having a hard time finding a pair that works, you probably need hard-to-fit contact lenses.  The first step in getting the eye care you need is setting up an appointment at our Rowland Heights or San Gabriel eye clinics.  Our optometric team will take care of you and your eyes, ensuring you receive the best in eye care.

Second Step: Comprehensive eye exam by an optometrist

When you come to your appointment, you will be given a comprehensive eye exam by a licensed optometrist.  This eye exam begins with the traditional eye chart to find your correct prescription. Our eye doctor will then use a variety of tools to check the health of your eyes and as well as measure the size and curvature of your eyeball.

Third Step: Consultation with your eye doctor

Once we have gathered this information about your specific eyes, your eye doctor will consult with you to determine the right kind of contact lenses.  Golden Vison will then start preparing your prescription.  Keep in mind, contact lenses for hard-to-fit eyes will often take more than one fitting and need extra preparation time as they’re more complicated to create. Your eye doctor will let you know the progress of your prescription and if you need any follow-up fittings.

Our optometric team at the San Gabriel or Rowland Heights offices can fit patients with a wide variety of complex contact lens prescriptions.  See how we can help you find the contacts that work for your eyes!

Call and Make an Appointment with a San Gabriel or Rowland Heights Eye Doctor Today!


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Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. I especially enjoyed seeing Dr. Chen, and being helped by Chenny and Alice. They were all very helpful and did their best to make sure I get what I needed

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My family and I have been going to get our eyes checked by this establishment for well over 5 years and have a great optometrist. Dr. Young is professional and personable and truly cares about her patients.

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