GOLDEN VISION Frame Selection

At Golden Vision, we take pride in offering our patients a choice when they buy frames from us. Glasses are corrective, but they can also be an accessory that matches, or even enhances, your style. That’s why the idea of choice is so important when it comes to buying new frames, and why Golden Vision goes the extra mile to give our patients access to the widest variety of designers and styles in the region.


You should have options to meet your style without breaking the bank. We carry frames from top designers like Louis Vuitton, Georgio Armani, Chanel, Blake, Kio Yamato, and many, many more. We also serve the more economical end of the spectrum, with plenty of options for every budget.

EYEWEAR Lens Options
Your frames are a way to express yourself, but lenses are important too. At Golden Vision, we offer precise prescription crafting as well as specialized upgrades to the lenses we put in your chosen frames, including anti-reflective lenses, progressive lenses, blue light protections, and lenses that transition according to your environment. Golden Vision allows you to customize the way you experience the world around you with plenty of lens options:


Transition lenses are innovative hybrids that darken gradually as they’re exposed to light. Transition lenses make it easy to have effortless visibility in any environment.



Research suggests that the blue light emitted from computer screens is harmful to the lasting health of your eyes. Blutech lenses protect your eyes from blue light while looking great.



Varilux progressive lenses are a state of the art way to ensure that your vision stays the same no matter where you’re looking, while also keeping you fashionable.


DuraVision Platinum

Duravision lenses are made with patented anti-reflective technology that keeps your visibility clear, even when there’s glare from the sun in your field of vision.


Progressive Choice

Progressive choice allows for smooth transitions in your vision as you look near to far or far to near, reducing the abrupt change common in standard corrective lenses


Progressive Individual 2

Progressive Individual lenses give you a 50 percent larger field of vision, no matter where you’re looking, keeping your eyesight as strong as possible over any distance.


Additional Lens Options

Everyone’s eyes are different and the way your frames fit can have as much impact on your vision as your lenses. There are several considerations in fitting frames, ranging from comfort resting on your cheekbones to the way the frames line up with your angle of vision, and it can be more difficult than it might appear to find that perfect fit. That’s why the fitting specialists at Golden Vision are specially trained to understand what goes into an ideal fit. Only with us can you effortlessly combine style, vision, and comfort in one place. Here are some tips to help find frames that fit you perfectly:

Tips For Fitting Your Face

The shape and profile of your face is a major factor into the types of glasses that will best accentuate your features, as well as stay comfortable over long term use. It’s okay if conventional fitting knowledge is lost on you- the experts at Golden Vision can find a pair of frames that look great on you.


Determining Proper Fit

Of course, more important than eyeglasses looking good is your comfort level wearing them. Don’t just force a pair of frames on your face if they don’t feel natural. If you’re going to be wearing these glasses a lot, it’s important to talk about comfort with a Golden Vision fitting specialist during your visit.

Common Fitting Problems

No two faces are the same shape or size, which can present common issues with fit. These issues usually stem from frames being too big or too small, and a few seconds of wearing them can give you an idea if this is true. When getting fit by one of our expert staff, communicate your level of comfort with them.

Specialty Fit Glasses

The best way to guarantee a great fit from your eyewear is to have them custom-fit to your precise face shape and dimensions. At Golden Vision, we’re proud to offer specialized solutions to patients and ensure that their frames accentuate their personal style while being as comfortable as possible.