At San Gabriel and Rowland Heights Golden Vision, we have the most extensive selection of eyewear in California, including the latest styles in exclusive designer sunglasses and eyeglasses. Some customers travel over 4 hours for our selection! After all, we are the second largest Cartier dealership in the country, and we also have limited edition frames from Gucci, Blake, Sospiri, Kio Yamoto, Chrome Heart, Chanel, Dita, and other brands you will not find anywhere else in the area. Our huge selection of frames includes our economy “Under $100” section, high fashion designer eyewear, and everything in between, assuring great choices and a variety of pricing options. The best part? Our lab-on-site means your glasses can be ready just one hour after your appointment!

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There are many lens options for your new eyeglasses and our Golden Vision optometry team can help you choose the right pair. We will match your need for quality and functionality, with consideration of your lifestyle, prescription, and the way you wear your glasses. Golden Vision operates its own lens-grinding laboratory to surface and polish your eyeglass lenses to the specific prescription and measurements of our doctors and staff. Each pair of lenses is crafted by the hands of our trained technicians and guaranteed to fill your vision requirements.

Transitions Light Intelligent Lenses


Transitions® Light Intelligent Lenses seamlessly adapt to changing light, from clear indoors to dark outdoors, and every shade in between. Upgrade your lenses today and ask your eyecare professional for Transitions® lenses.

BluTech Lenses


Some brands offer style but little in the way of actual protection against blue light. Some brands block blue light beyond the harmful range, which alters how you see colors. Only BluTech lenses protect fully against harmful blue light while offering an attractive, near-clear look. Full protection, real color.



Varilux® progressive lenses provide sharp vision at every distance—even in dimly lit conditions—eliminating the blurriness and low-light issues of ordinary progressive lenses.

DuraVision Platinum

DuraVision Platinum

This anti-reflective lens sets the new standard for clarity with the elimination of distracting glare and resistance to any smudges that could interfere with your vision. These lenses are three times tougher compared to other AR lenses and much easier to clean, so they stay cleaner and clearer longer.

Progressive Choice

Progressive Choice

Is Progressive Choice the right choice for you? With a better design that includes a large reading area for up-close vision, clarity in every direction, a wide distance area, and smooth transitions between distances, you won’t miss a thing. This lens is optimized for your needs and ensures clarity as you move through the world.

Progressive Individual

Progressive Individual 2

Zeiss Progressive Individual 2 lenses are customized for your prescription so that you have outstanding vision at any distance. You will have up to 50% larger fields of clear vision, and lenses tailored to fit the frame you choose. Ask your eye doctor about this lens that is truly made just for you.



At Golden Vision, we want to help you choose the right frames for YOU. Glasses say so much about your personal style, and we are happy to work with you in selecting frames that complement your features. Our experienced optometry professionals work closely with you to select the proper frames to fit your budget as well as your cosmetic, lifestyle, and vision needs. While working with our experienced staff enables you to select the appropriate frames, we invite you to explore our eyeglass fitting tips!

Asian Fit Glasses

If you have experienced fit issues such as glasses constantly touching your cheeks, or hitting your eyelashes, you should try Asian Fit Glasses. This refers to eyewear specifically designed for lower or minimal bridges and high cheek bones, to avoid these common fit issues.

Tips For Fitting To Your Face

Tips For Fitting To Your Face

Everyone’s facial structure is different, glasses that look good on the display may not work for your unique face! There are a lot of factors to consider when picking out glasses, such as your face shape, cheekbones, eye to eyebrow distance, skin tone, and even nose bridge.
Determining Proper Fit

Determining Proper Fit

When trying on eyeglasses, how they look is only half the battle! You also want to ensure your eyeglasses feel comfortable on your face, and aren’t going to shift, slide down your nose, or need constant adjustment. We take special care to ensure that your glasses are fit just for you!
Common Fitting Problems

Common Fitting Problems

We know putting on your new pair of glasses is exciting, be sure to take a second to check for common glasses fitting problems, such as being too big and sliding down your nose or being too tight and causing pain at the temples or behind the ears.
Specialty Fit Glasses

Specialty Fit Glasses

We have experts in fitting as well as specialty lenses that ensure your glasses meet your vision needs while still fitting you comfortably and looking good. Our wide selection offers a variety of glasses shapes that fit different facial structures, so you are sure to find a style perfect for your face.


Albert is very professional and helpful. He quickly sent me the correct paperwork for my glasses reimbursement. Highly recommended him and this store. Will definitely get my next glasses at this store

Guang Y.
Loma Linda, CA

June is very helpful and friendly with making me an appointment.  She is very patient with me when I pick the frame.  She is also very knowledgeable and explained to me details about my vision benefits.

Peggy T.
Walnut, CA

I've been coming here for years now since I grew up in HH, and though I now live in the OC, I'm still willing to make the drive out here for eye exams because they have optometrists I trust.

Allan S.
Hacienda Heights, CA

衷心感谢李经理(Lillian Li)热情、周到、细緻、贴心的关心和帮助!衷心感谢王丽莲博士和

Mei Yue Wang

Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. I especially enjoyed seeing Dr. Chen, and being helped by Chenny and Alice. They were all very helpful and did their best to make sure I get what I needed

Owen Lee


顾客 Woon Kiu Lee Chui

My family and I have been going to get our eyes checked by this establishment for well over 5 years and have a great optometrist. Dr. Young is professional and personable and truly cares about her patients.

Edward Sun


Do Lin 敬上

My family been going to this optometry for two years now. Chloe is super helpful! She is super friendly and awesome! She always keeps us posted with new styles and help ordering us perfect brand-new glasses! Service is excellent here!

Marge Margeaux

I have been going to Golden Vision for my prescription glasses, sunglasses, and computer glasses for years now. They always provide the same consistent great customer service and price!

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