Eye dryness can often be solved with hydrating eye drops, but in severe cases, it needs to be addressed in a clinical setting. At Golden Vision, we offer specialized eye drops for chronic dryness and irritation. We also include education about lifestyles and behaviors that may cause or prevent eye dryness. Harmful activities include smoking cigarettes or spending too much time at your computer. Proper eye hygiene practices and certain medications may improve the moisture level of your eyes.

What is Dry Eye?

Eye dryness is often poorly understood and treated with only the temporary solution of artificial tears. Not all artificial tears are the same nor are all dry eye symptoms caused by the same underlying issue. At Golden Vision, we offer specialized testing and quality products for routine ocular hygiene maintenance to relieve a variety of chronic dry eye conditions. We believe in individually tailored, comprehensive treatment for successful dry eye relief, which can include education about lifestyles and behaviors that may cause or prevent your symptoms. Some harmful activities include smoking cigarettes or spending too much time at your computer. If left untreated, dry eyes become chronic and often leave permanent damage to the oil glands which produce our natural tears.

Who is affected?
Dry Eye affects a staggering 340 million sufferers worldwide! While the majority of cases used to be diagnosed in adults, we are seeing an increase in signs and symptoms even in young children and students, believed to be related to poor visual hygiene and increased screen time. People who suffer from allergies, extensive computer users, and contact lens wearers often have dry eye issues. Certain medications and eye surgeries may also increase risk of dryness. While many external factors contribute to the condition, the most overlooked issue is underlying inflammation in the body. Therefore, people with autoimmune diseases such as thyroid dysfunction or diabetes may be more likely to have dry eyes. Even seemingly healthy individuals may have low-grade chronic inflammation which yields high risk baseline conditions, leaving them unable to tolerate routine fluctuations in temperatures, windy conditions, and simple daily activities.
Dry Eye Symptoms & Signs

Symptoms are what you feel. They can range from nothing to redness, watery eyes, burning, grittiness, light sensitivity, and/or fluctuating vision. Signs are what the doctor sees during examination. These can include clogged or missing oil glands, bacterial build up on eyelashes, and dry spots on the cornea (the outer and most sensitive layer of the eyes).

Symptoms and signs do not always match. Oftentimes you are not very symptomatic at the beginning when a doctor starts noticing the signs. This stage is when the condition is most easily resolved. By the time you are uncomfortable and symptomatic, the condition is often more chronic and complicated to treat. At severe stages, the corneal sensitivity and oil glands may be so damaged that you do not feel pain but the eyes are constantly red, swollen, and dry, which can leave you at risk for eye infections.

Dry Eye Cycle

Dry eye is chronic and multifactorial, meaning there are many different causes that slowly add up to cause issues. Much like plaque and cavities with our teeth, if we do not do routine home cleaning and lifestyle adjustments, the condition will build up. Our goal at Golden Vision is to educate and empower you to have a stronger baseline ocular health to comfortably do any activity of daily living.

When home therapy isn’t enough, your doctor will evaluate which of these following over the counter products is most appropriate for you.

Oasis & Oasis Plus: Preservative-free Artificial Tears

Retaine Artificial Tears: Specially formulated for oil-related deficiencies

Omega Moist: High quality and dose Omega 3 with DHA & EPA

Medibeads: Releases moisture and heat for ideal home therapy relief

Ocusoft: Higher strength lid hygiene cleaning

Blink Wipes: Daily lid hygiene cleaning

When home therapy isn’t enough, your doctor will evaluate which of these following advanced treatments is most appropriate for you.
OptiLight Intense Pulse Light

OptiLight by Lumenis is a light-based, non-invasive treatment done in the area below the eyes to manage dry eye. The first and only IPL FDA-approved for dry eye management.
The treatment is safe, gentle, and is backed by more than 20 clinical studies.

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LipiFlow® Thermal Pulsation System

Thirty million Americans suffer from Meibomian gland dysfunction, which causes the majority of dry eye cases. The LipiFlow® Thermal Pulsation System, which uses a cutting-edge device to heat up and massage away the blockage in just 12 minutes, can help fix your dry eye problems right in your eye doctor’s office.

TearCare® System

The TearCare® System utilizes both wearable and smart technology to deliver targeted thermal energy (heat) to the eyelids while allowing the eyelids to blink naturally in applications such as Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD), Dry Eye, or Blepharitis where the current medical community would recommend the application of a warm compress.

Rx Eye Drops

As research advances, many anti-inflammatory eye drops are coming to market to provide dry eye relief.

Oral Medications

Temporary doses may help reduce the inflammation or bacterial load in more severe cases.

Punctal Plugs

Safe and effective way to keep the tears you naturally produce in the eye longer.

Gland Expression

A deep clean of the oil glands.

Amniotic Membrane

For severely damaged or injured corneal surfaces.