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Blue Light: How It Damages Eyes in Rowland Heights and San Gabriel

Residents of Rowland Heights, San Gabriel and the surrounding areas may not think about the dangers of staring at a computer screen or texting on their phone all day. When your eyes are exposed to the light from electronics, you might be harming your sleep schedule and doing permanent damage to your body. This is because the light emitted from electronics might damage your eyes.

Blue light dangers

Definition of Blue Light

Light consists of yellow, green, blue, red and orange. The light emits in different shades with different wavelengths of energy. The wavelengths of blue light are short but high in energy. Violet light has short wavelengths and even more energy. The sun releases ultraviolet rays of light, which are invisible and have the greatest amount of energy. Some examples of visible blue light include televisions, cell phones, fluorescent light bulbs, LED lights and computers. The eyes don't block blue light well. In fact, a majority of blue light passes through the cornea and lens and enters the retina.

Blue Light's Link to Macular Degeneration

Because blue light reaches the retina in the eye, studies have linked excessive blue light exposure to retina damage. The changes caused by the blue light cause modifications to the sensitive cells in the retina. The changes mimic the same changes that macular degeneration causes. It's said that too much exposure to smartphones and computers increase a person's chance of developing macular degeneration. 

Blue Light Causes Eye Strain

Have you ever been on the computer too long and had your eyes feel sore, fatigued or dry? These symptoms are said to be caused by blue light.The light scatters easier than other forms of visible light. When light scatters, it becomes more difficult to focus on, resulting in eye strain when looking at this type of light for extended periods of time. 

Preventing Eye Damage From Blue Light 

It's important to limit time in front of computer screens and other items that emit blue light. Take breaks during times when you're staring at the screen for prolonged periods of time. Although our job as optometric specialists is to advise you on avoiding dangers to your eyes, we realize sometimes you can't avoid what's harmful to your eyes completely. That's why we recommend our patients try specialized glasses designed to block some of the blue light that radiates from electronic devices. We advise our patients to use blue light glasses, also known as computer glasses, when they're staring at a computer, tablet or cell phone screen, in particular when doing so for prolonged periods of time. Our optometry center will prescribe you a pair that fits your face and will help protect your eyes from the dangers of blue light.  

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