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Our Optometry Center Offers a Full Range of Eye Care Services

Here at Golden Vision we pride ourselves on serving San Gabriel, Rowland Heights and the surrounding area as a "one-stop shop" for primary eye care. Your entire family can benefit from our preventative wellness care, disease/disorder treatments, vision correction and other essentials. 

optometrist and patient

Services We Offer in Rowland Heights and San Gabriel

Eye & Vision Exams

Eye exams allows our optometry team to check how well the eyes are functioning, from the age of 6 months all the way through the senior years. At the same time, we can examine your intraocular pressure (to check for glaucoma), examine your eyes' interiors with the aid of pupil dilation (to detect early signs of macular degeneration and other retinal diseases) and study the font of the eye with a slit lamp (to diagnose cataracts and scleral or corneal issues).


We can craft beautiful eyeglasses for you as you choose from our impressive selection of designer frames.

Contact Lens Exams

If you want contact lenses, our contact lens exams will make certain that you get a pair that work for your comfort, vision needs and lifestyle preferences. Your eye doctor will take detailed measurements of your eye structures and discuss the available contact lens options with you.

Contacts (Including Hard to Fit Contacts)

We can also create various types of contact lenses to suit your specific needs, from soft disposables to "hard to fit" lenses for  conditions such as astigmatism and presbyopia.


Ortho-K is an exciting technique for correcting your vision as you sleep. These special contact lens are worn overnight, reshaping your corneas for clear vision when you wake up. Regular use of Ortho-K lenses could free you from the need to wear any kind of daytime vision correction.

Vision Therapy

We can prescribe vision therapy to train eyes that suffer from low vision, misalignment, coordination problems or other functional issues.

Computer Vision

Do you suffer from computer vision syndrome? Constant exposure to computer and mobile device screens can promote dryness, irritation, eye fatigue and even damage from certain light frequencies. We can provide protective lenses, lifestyle advice and other forms of computer vision care.

Sports Vision

 A"You can't hit what you can't see," or so the saying goes. Your eye doctor at golden Vision can equip your eyes with vision training, sports glasses and contacts to accommodate your favorite sport.

LASIK Co-management

We are happy to provide all the pre-operative and post-operative o-management for your upcoming LASIK surgery. We can determine whether you're right for LASIK, obtain your corrective prescription, and then administer post-surgery evaluations to monitor your recovery.

Healthier Eyes for San Gabriel and Rowland Heights 

Our optometry center has the services you need to enjoy optimal eyesight for life. Why not see for yourself? Call either of our clinics to schedule eye care services for every member of your San Gabriel or Rowland Heights family!

Office Hours

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Golden Rowland Heights Optometry

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