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Orthokeratology in San Gabriel and Rowland Heights

While it is certainly true that modern eyeglasses and corrective lenses can do an excellent job of compensating for refractive errors that cause vision problems, many people would rather do without these devices if they could. If you count yourself among them, or if your child struggles with a refractive error called myopia, then you'll be delighted to learn that a special form of treatment called orthokeratology can make it possible. This method, also known as ortho-k, can minimize the development of nearsightedness in children while also providing days of lens-free clarity for adults. San Gabriel and Rowland Heights residents can get this advanced technology right here at Golden Vision.

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How Ortho-K Works

A refractive error occurs when your eyeball or cornea is irregularly shaped, causing incoming light to come into focus at the wrong point inside the eye. For example, in the case of myopia (nearsightedness), the eye structures are elongated instead of spherical; this causes distant objects to appear blurry. Ortho-K solves this problem by reshaping the cornea to the specifications of your exact corrective prescription, just as glasses or daytime contacts would.

Ortho-K lenses are actually molds that you wear on your corneas at bedtime. As you sleep, the lenses gently nudge the corneas into their new configuration, leaving you with excellent vision when you wake up. This correction can last for days (the exact duration varies from person to person), and you can perpetuate the effect by re-inserting the molds as needed. Ortho-K can correct mild to moderate myopia as well as some cases of hyperopia (farsightedness), astigmatism and presbyopia.

Orthokeratology for Myopia Control

As exciting as orthokeratology is for adults with refractive errors, it's even more revolutionary as a myopia treatment for children. Myopia primarily develops in youth. Constant stress from near-vision demands, such as those required during the school years, can contribute to myopia development. Studies have shown that orthokeratology can actually slow and reduce the progression of myopia during these formative years. One of the more recent studies revealed that this technique reduced eye elongation by 60 percent in children. It's believed that the earlier the child receives ortho-K, the more effectively myopia can be minimized in the long term.

Call Our Rowland Heights or San Gabriel Optometry Center to Get Started

Our Rowland Heights and San Gabriel optometry offices provide the gold standard in orthokeratology -- literally. We offer the Gold Series Myopia Control Lens, a sophisticated 5-zone lens that is matched to your individual eye via digital corneal topography. In addition to Gold Nightwear Myopia Control Lenses, we also offer a daywear version that is comfortable and convenient enough to wear during the day. If you have a different type of refractive error, we can provide the necessary ortho-K lenses to provide you with temporary vision correction. Call either of our optometry offices for a consultation to find out whether you or your children can benefit from orthokeratology!

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