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Eyezen in San Gabriel and Rowland Heights

As the leading optometry providers in San Gabriel and Rowland Heights we provide Eyezen. This is an innovative way to treat dry eye condition and digital eye strain caused by looking at harmful blue light for too long. Unfortunately, most of us are suffering from digital eye strain due to our dependence on computers, smartphones, and tablets. Most people spend more than 12 hours a day looking at digital screens that use the blue-light spectrum. In order to treat this condition, consider the benefits and uses of Eyezen. 


Understanding Eyezen Technology

Eyezen is a type of blue light filter that is applied to the lens of a pair of eyeglasses. You can use Eyezen with or without prescription lenses. Additionally, you may benefit from Eyezen even if you have 20/20 vision. This vision solution simply filters out the harmful blue light that is emitted from digital screens. As a result, the treatment will not adversely effect your prescription strength vision correction, if applicable. 

Benefits of Eyezen

If you are struggling with eye fatigue or eye strain caused by looking at digital screens, then you are a perfect applicant for Eyezen. This easy to use treatment via a blue light filter can reduce the negative effects of this blue-violet light spectrum. In addition to improving your daily vision, Eyezen can also help to prevent the progression of age-related macular degeneration. By using Eyezen eyeglasses filters you give your eyes the best chance of surviving this digital age. 

Using Eyezen

Prior to using Eyezen to treat your digital eye issues, we will perform a comprehensive eye exam here at Golden Vision Optometric Center. This way your eye doctor can verify that you are suffering from digital eye strain. You may also be diagnosed with dry eye condition, which involves an inability to control the production of tears in your eyes. Each of these conditions are treatable using Eyezen. 

Contact Your Eye Doctor at Golden Vision Optometric Center

Your eye doctor at Golden Vision is ready to assist you today using this revolutionary vision solution. We offer Eyezen as a lens treatment service to help reduce your digital eye strain and dry eye condition caused by harmful blue light. This is in addition to our comprehensive eye care and vision health services including annual eye exams, prescription lens fittings, and designer frame collections. 

Contact the Golden San Gabriel Optometric Vision Center at 626-288-8023, or Golden Rowland Heights Optometry at 626-965-8698 to schedule your appointment for Eyezen. We look forward to treating your vision to prevent the problems associated with digital screen use.

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