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Welcome to Golden San Gabriel Optometric Vision Center and Golden Rowland Heights Optometry

Most of us would agree that being able to see our favorite people and places clearly is worth its weight in gold -- and if you feel that way as well, you'll want to invest in a long-term relationship with the skilled optometrists at Golden Vision. With separate optometry clinics in San Gabriel and Rowland Heights, Golden Vision makes it more convenient than ever for area residents to get the high-quality eye services they need. From routine vision testing and corrective lenses to eye disease treatment and surgery co-management, we're here to help you see.

glasses and eye exam

Whichever of our locations you choose to frequent, you'll encounter a well-equipped facility with top-flight optometry teams. Unlike many smaller optometry centers that can only offer one eye doctor for everyone, our clinics feature no fewer than 5 optometrists at our San Gabriel clinic and 3 at our Rowland Heights clinic. This makes it easier for you to set an appointment with an eye doctor at either facility that lines up with your busy schedule. You'll find each and every eye doctor at Golden Vision a friendly, helpful, comforting presence who guide you and your loved ones through the necessary procedures that help to ensure your ocular health and wellness.

Our optometry centers serve as comprehensive primary care resources for your everyday eye care needs. That's because we provide such varied and important services as:

Routine Eye Exams 

Regular eye exams are a must for catching any eye health, function or vision disorders as early as possible. (This is particularly urgent where sight-robbing eye disease such as glaucoma and macular degeneration are concerned.) Your eye doctor will examine both the front part of the eye and the inside of the eye to detect any issues that may require the earliest possible treatment.

Vision Testing and Correction

Clear vision is critical from early childhood onward, especially since vision problems can hamper your kids' ability to keep up and excel in school. Refractive errors such as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism can be detected through our routine vision exams, as well as vision problems such as presbyopia that can affect older eyes. Your eye doctor can prescribe corrective lenses and fit you for contacts and/or fashionable eyeglasses.

Eye Disease Care

Even if our advanced diagnostics reveal a serious eye disease, our optometry team can administer the proper course of treatment. Eye drops and other medications can help control glaucoma and macular degeneration, for example. If we need to refer you for eye surgery, our optometry team will continue to provide the necessary co-management in the form of pre-operative and post-operative evaluations. We also treat more superficial eye problems such as conjunctivitis, dry eye syndrome and aye allergy issues.

Your Trusted Eye Doctor Awaits

Come and meet your new eye doctor at Golden Vision. Call us today to schedule a consultation at our San Gabriel or Rowland Heights clinic!


"Thanks for helping me out today, Golden Vision! Special thanks to Rita and Raymond for their extremely friendly customer service.."

         Kitty L.

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